How to enlarge the penis with baking soda and can it be done?

The idea of the possibility of enlarging the penis with the help of baking soda is, in reality, something that people began to think when they heard about the positive effect of sodium bicarbonate on the body as a whole and the genitourinary system in particular.

How to enlarge the penis with baking soda and can it be done?

After all, it is reliably known that ordinary baking soda can be used as a good tool for overcoming prostatitis or even to effect a partial increase in potency. Of course, one should not expect too much from the result; however, such an effect does take place.

But still, how to actually enlarge the penis by baking soda is unknown to anyone. To understand the improbability of such a theory it is worthwhile to understand in more detail what baking soda is and what it does.

Influence on the human body

Sodium bicarbonate is a natural alkali that may affect the acid-base balance of the body. Depending on how exactly a person takes this substance, it will vary its effects on the body.

An interesting historical fact is that baking soda was used during the Second World War for relief of hyperglycemic coma. It leveled acidosis (increased acidity) in the blood and this helped save lives.

At the moment, the most common areas of application of sodium bicarbonate are:

  • losing weight with the help of soda bath;
  • improving the quality of the skin;
  • cleansing the body from radioactive isotopes;
  • therapy of inflammatory processes (prostatitis, cystitis and others);
  • reducing the acidity of the stomach;

Despite the known wide range of application of the white powder, it should not be abused. In case of an overdose and too long period of intake, undesirable consequences may occur, which then need to be treated separately.

Can I enlarge my penis with baking soda?

Considering the areas of sodium bicarbonate application, as well as the mechanism of its effect on the body (such as control of acid-base balance), it becomes obvious that there is no direct effect on the size of male dignity.

Minerals that are part of the white powder simply do not have properties that could at least stimulate the division of cells, not to mention the growth of whole body parts.

Baking soda for penis enlargement is not suitable. It canHow to enlarge the penis with baking soda and can it be done? not satisfy the desire of a man. Despite the rumors you may have heard over the years, it will be ineffective.

Thankfully, the price of this product is low, so even if you decide to check this idea out for yourself, you may avoid unnecessary waste of money.

Application of baking soda for potency

When a man asks about how to enlarge his penis with baking soda, the only thing you may advise him is to use it as a stimulant of potency.

At once, it is necessary to inform him also that similar practice does not lead up to good results, as provides internal reception of a corresponding white powder. With too long period of “treatment”, the risk of progression of gastritis with its transformation into a peptic ulcer increases.

Nevertheless, the use of this soda to stimulate the potency with a partial increase in the penis size (due to the normalization of the erection and not anything other than that) is possible in the following situations:

1. Infectious lesion of the prostate gland. Prostatitis leads to a decrease in male sexual activity. Such a development is caused by acidification of the area affected by the products of vital activity of microorganisms. To improve the well-being of a person and eliminate inflammation, you may use sodium bicarbonate, which is a natural alkali. It neutralizes toxins and speeds up the healing process.

2. Disorders in the metabolism. Very often, metabolic disorders are accompanied by a change in pH to the acid side. This leads to the progression of characteristic symptoms with a decrease in intimate activity and the inability of a penis to adequately fill up with blood. The use of baking soda may partially help in this situation and contributes to improving the quality of sexual life.How to enlarge the penis with baking soda and can it be done?

The above mechanisms of influence on the genitourinary system are very small. Therefore, you should never rely on baking soda as a means to overcome erectile dysfunction or increase your penis size. The fact that it may help with a number of diseases is true. However, this does not apply to impotence in bed or too small penis size.