1) Actual Viagra’s recipe is the same as the previous version?
No. During these years we found some decisions which helped to avoid most of the side effects. All changes were provided under the control of the effective result. It means that Viagra just became to be better.

2) How do you cook it?
It is a long process. Everything starts from raw materials which we deliver to producing room. After that, it happens a time of quality control. Next step is cooking of the high-quality equipment and forming of a pill. After that, it is next quality tests. Only after that, we can offer goods to customers.

3) My friend told me that it is dangerous to use Viagra even once a week. Is it true?
We offer best quality pills and if there are no health features, it is possible to guarantee safety. If you have some doubts about your situation, it is always possible to ask all the questions in our support service.

4) How to increase the dosage?
If you want some help, you better ask support service to calculate your personal dosage. Analyzing of all features and your expectations could help to find the best decision. Don’t increase it without knowledge about possible dosages.

5) How to use Viagra if I already have such kind experience?
You mean that in your life already was an experience of fighting with ED by pharmaceutical power?! If we understand you right, so you can start already from classical dosage, but if there are some health features, start from a trial version.

6) How to understand what is the real Viagra’s action?
The best way is to read customer’s reviews. There you can find information which comes from real man and we think that such kind honest reviews are the best way to understand what to expect from your future experience.

7) What if I will take double dosage with alcohol?
Don’t do that. Both of them create bad circumstances which could bring you hard. Even one Viagra’s dosage brings huge pressure and now you should plus it for two. It is rather hard to feel that and there will be no thoughts about sex.

8) Is it possible to create something better than Viagra?
Everything is possible! Progress is unstoppable and we believe that soon with the help of our work it will be possible to present something more effective than Viagra, but even a modern version is good enough to fight with ED.