Dosages and professional recommendations about how to pick up the right one

If you want to get the range of pleasure, during the Viagra’s action, the first and most important rule is to find correct one dosage. It is important because when you reach perfect active element’s concentration, it could provide the best effect.

How to choose dosage

At first, it is important to understand some features of your health. As you know, Viagra is a pill, which creates its action by the influence on the main body’s systems and cardiovascular system is one of them. It means that your heart and vessels will be under the pressure and if your health is not good enough, the final effect could be unexpected.

Main area which should be analyzed:

– bad habits;
– features;
– chronic diseases;
– expectations;
– health resources.

Habits play an important role. For example, if you prefer to mix alcohol and sex, there are some rules, which were made to avoid you from side effects. Alcohol makes your feelings asleep and it means that after a large dosage of strong drinks it is will be rather hard to create a support.

Features include something that could separate your health from the normal condition. It could be mental features and it is important to analyze them because it could help to find the correct exit from the situation.
It is not a wide range of chronic disease which could play a role into the Viagra’s effect, but if there are some cardiovascular system’s features exist, the best way is to take consultation about their interaction.
Expectations are rather important too. All of them are about is it possible to reach or not. If you need maximal support, and there are no other disease which could bring any harm, we can talk about largest dosage.
Health’s resources mean age and shape. It is well-known fact that during the age our health could become weaker and that’s why we should analyze your shape to find the best decision.


As you know, Viagra’s price is rather low and it means that it is able to get some experiments, but first, it is important to know what are the main dosages.

– 25 mg

It is smallest one. In fact, such a little concentration in a blood couldn’t bring real protection, and most of the men prefer to use it like a placebo effect. It works well especially if we talking about mental problems, which created ED.

– 50mg

It is a half of classic dosage and if you want to understand Viagra’s real action, this is enough to do that. This dosage is able for men who have ED, but sexual weakness appeared not every time. This dosage could be like kind of health’s guard.

– 100 mg

Real classic. Even before Viagra changed the world, scientists formed their opinion that after all tests this dosage will become a classic. It happened because such a number of active elements in a blood protects man’s health from weakness and brings full powerful sexual energy.

This is the range of main dosages. If you have any questions and need help to find the correct one, our support service is always able to give a professional answer.